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Recruiting in the New Year?

Five ways to simplify the hiring process


To have a successful business means recruiting the right people.
Finding, screening, interviewing then selecting the right candidate is a considerable challenge and can consume a huge amount of resources. The good news is there are now more ways to find suitable candidates and here are five for you to explore.

1. Word of mouth
Often the best candidates are closer than you think. Think about people you know. You may have come across them at trade events or conferences. They might work for one of your competitors and their details can easily be found on their current employers’ website under the ‘about us’ tab. Tap into your employees, who through their network of friends and colleagues, may know of someone either directly or indirectly that could fill the position. This is a cost effective and targeted way to find the right candidate.

2. Recruitment websites
This self-service solution allows employers to post job vacancies online. However, in order to avoid wasting time sorting through a mountain of responses from unsuitably qualified candidates, it is very important to clearly define the position description - including the minimum experience and qualifications required.  It may also be useful to provide links to your business website so that potential candidates can get a clear idea of the culture, products and services your business provides. Niche job boards are another effective way to find well-suited candidates. For example, universities and colleges often provide free opportunities to advertise vacancies on their student/alumni websites. Speak with the industry and careers representative at the institution as a starting point.

3. LinkedIn
LinkedIn contains the resumes and job profiles for thousands of members. Employers can broadcast ads to targeted members who possess suitable experience, qualifications and skills required for the vacant position. LinkedIn also allows businesses to set up a company page which can be a great way to communicate what your business does.

4. Your business website
One of the first places candidates look to assess their prospective employers is on company websites. Many websites have a careers section to capture potential candidates. Business websites are a great way of providing an insight to candidates about your business. You can also use the website to feature information about the members of your team and provide any further details about your business.

5. Facebook and Twitter
Over two-thirds of employers today use Facebook to recruit employees. Using functions such as the “Graph Search”, a filtering search tool, employers are able to reach out to potential candidates across the globe. Facebook and Twitter pages allow you to post jobs on social feeds and direct users to your business website.

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