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From checking the weather to matching your photos, here are 7 things you probably didn’t know Google can do for you:

1. Photo matching

Google can compare any picture you give it to millions of others across the net. Simply visit Google Images, then drag and drop the image from your computer into the search bar. We dropped in an image of an iPad, and Google was smart enough to tell us which model of iPad it was and it found hundreds of other similar pictures for us to compare.

2. Help with your maths

The Google calculator is very handy. Type your formula into the search bar (e.g. “5*13/2”) and the answer will be displayed next to a fully interactive calculator. OK, it’s not great for complex formulas but it’s very useful for helping with simple maths.

3. Improve your vocab

Type “define:” before your search keyword and Google’s dictionary will come to life. For example, type “define:chlorophyll” and Google will choose the best definition from four reputable online dictionaries. Yep, school kids have it easy these days.

4. Refine your searches

By adding a “-“ in front of a word (e.g. –ball) you can make sure the word doesn’t show up in your search results. For example, typing “basket –ball” will show you containers but no sports.

5. Check the local weather/time

Type “weather” in the search bar then your postcode and you’ll get the latest up-to-the-minute weather forecast. Type “time in Singapore” and it’ll display the local time in Singapore. Quick and easy.

6. Convert units

Use Google to convert just about anything.  Type “Convert 362cm to m” and you’ll get your answer quick smart.  It works for degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, seconds to hours or nearly anything else you can think of too!

7. Help you relax

OK, so this isn’t a time saver but it’s a bit of fun. Open up a youtube video and as the video plays click on the video to pause it, hold the left arrow key down for 3 seconds then push the down key and you can play the good ‘ol snake game on the youtube screen. An amusing hidden trick.


Got any other Google tricks to share?

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