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90’s IT Nostalgia

I was browsing the other day and come across this great article reminiscing over I.T. in schools back in the ‘90s.

So i decided to dedicate this blog post to the technology that made us productive students of the 90’s!

  1. What Dropbox? Floppy discs were the way to go (but they could only store half a photo).

  2. The Apple IIGS ruled the computer labs.

  3. Oh, bring on the wonderful roll-in VHS teacher.

  4. The book club – OK, it’s not quite Amazon.

  5. Poor Microsoft Encarta – murdered by the Internet.

  6. Don’t waste seconds sharpening your pencil the manual way!

  7. Aahhh, Windows 95. More stable than Vista?

  8. Yes, Carmen Sandiago this passed as educational software in our school.

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