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In the modern business world, it’s rare for professionals to go very long without leaving their desk for one appointment or another. We’re constantly on the move –which, for a long time, has meant that we’re constantly out of contact. Fortunately, with new mobile applications, that no longer needs to be the case. Products such as Jabber, Skype and Chatter are enabling busy professionals to communicate easily with colleagues and partners regardless of where they are.  

A thousand ways to say hello

The difference between using a mobile conferencing application and merely using your phone is that the applications allow you to communicate in a variety of ways. Cisco’s Jabber, for example, offers instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, desktop sharing, file transfers and conferencing – all from a single mobile device. What’s more, the applications often include additional security measures, making it safe to discuss even sensitive business matters with your colleagues remotely.

Increasing speed while reducing cost

By allowing you to communicate with other professionals as if you were in the same room, mobile conferencing applications can save time while reducing money spent on travel. According to a report by IDC, nearly half of companies surveyed expected mobile messaging to deliver cost reductions of 11 to 30 percent. Whether you’re in an office building or an airport lounge, you can collaborate with colleagues in real time, remaining an active part of the team regardless of distance.

Delivering rich communication to every device

The majority of leading mobile conferencing applications are available across devices and platforms. So you needn’t decide between Mac and PC – you can conference remotely either way. Some applications, such as Jabber, allow you to stream media – from HD video to high-fidelity audio – via web applications. In other words, you can enjoy the complete mobile conferencing experience on any device that has an internet connection.

Working with the names you trust

It’s important to find a mobile conferencing app that will allow you to continue using the applications you’re most familiar with. Thankfully, most of them integrate easily with existing systems, such as Microsoft Office. This means you can often use your existing proprietary messaging apps to contact people using different mobile apps.  

Happy to chat

Modern workers are seldom in one place for very long – and so it’s essential that they are able to communicate effectively with colleagues while out and about. The new generation of mobile applications enables this, going beyond basic phone calls to provide a comprehensive and collaborative experience irrespective of where in the world you are.

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