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Think All-in-One!

An All-in-One (AiO) PC is a popular option for today’s business as  it combines both the PC and monitor into one. AiOs are growing in popularity on our shores but the idea of integrating the PC into the back of the monitor screen is not new – in fact the Japanese and Taiwanese have selling AiOs for over 10 years.

Before you invest in an AiO PC here are 5 things you need to know:

1. You’ll save space

If your workspace is tight then an AiO PC is perfect for you. You will be surprised at how much space you get back when that tower PC under your desk disappears.

2. Your desk will be tidier

AiO PCs only need one cable: the power cord. Your keyboard and mouse is likely to be wireless or in some cases the keyboard is integrated into the chassis.

3. Don’t underinvest in screen size

The PC is part of the screen so you won’t be able to upgrade your screen size without upgrading your entire PC. Consider that not long ago the average flat screen was 19” and today it is 22”. Windows 8 is optimised for bigger screens so it pays to invest a bit more now to reap the benefits later.

4. Lack of expandability isn’t a big deal

Some of our customers query the lack of options to upgrade memory and storage compared to the traditional tower PC. Ten years ago this might have been a real issue but these days even a standard spec PC will last you years so you won’t need to upgrade internal componentry.

5. Buy 3-years warranty

We always suggest our business customers buy a minimum 3-years warranty with any new PC. This is even more important with AiO PCs because if your monitor fails you need to replace everything.


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