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Thinking of buying a new laptop for business? Consider that a business-grade laptop might be the way to go. It’s more expensive than the models you see in Harvey Norman and Dick Smith, but there are some distinct advantages of buying business-grade:

1. Easier to network

If you want to connect your laptop to a domain in your office (to share files or access printers) then you will want to run Windows 8 Pro (the business-grade edition of Windows). Consumer-grade laptops don’t usually come with the Pro version which makes them harder to network.

2. Durability

A business-grade laptop is usually made of more durable components to last you at least three years. Build quality is usually much better consisting of more alloy material and less plastic. When a business laptop hits the market it usually sticks around for much longer than the flashy consumer models which means it is typically more reliable with lower failure rates.

3. Security

Business laptops usually have better in-built security features such as hard drive and firmware encryption. They also have better physical security options such as biometric/access card options and a slot to connect a desk lock.

4. Docking Station

You can reduce cable clutter and keep your desk clean with a docking station. Compatible docking stations are a common accessory with business-grade laptops which comes in really handy if you spend your life in and out of meeting rooms.

5. Warranty

Consumer laptops usually come standard with a one-year “back to base” warranty. Business laptops typically include better and longer support and warranty options such as 3-year next business day on-site repair.

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