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Mention apps and most people won’t immediately think of their educational potential. Instead, the field is dominated by blockbuster games – Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Temple Run and more. But the truth is that apps have the potential to revolutionise education for students in primary school, high school and tertiary education. Google Apps is leading the charge with a suite of products that integrate with various devices, from laptops to tablets, and provide students with a comprehensive learning environment. In 2014, the Oregon public school department in the US moved its 400,000 students, teachers, and administrators over to a Google Apps-based system. Based on their experience, Google for Education can potentially deliver the following benefits to your school and students.

1. You can save money

The Google for Education Suite includes a calendar, Gmail, Google Drive (online storage), Google Docs, Google Sheets (an online spreadsheet), Google Slides (presentations), Google Sites (a website creation tool), and Google Classroom (a suite of tools for classroom learning). And it’s entirely free. For the Oregon Department of Education, which no longer has to worry about obsolete emailing systems and costly desktop applications, this equates to savings of US$1.5 million per year. A broader study by Google has shown that, on average, educational institutions make a 329 percent return on their investment during the first three years after switching from a traditional learning system to Google for Education.

2. Your students will be more motivated to learn

By making it easier for teachers to monitor at-risk students and provide them with additional support, Google Apps facilitates noticeable improvements in educational outcomes. In New York’s Intermediate School 339, for example, the introduction of Google Apps saw the rate of students performing at grade level for maths increase by 20 percent. Anecdotal reports suggested the student behaviour also improved, with increased attendance and lower rates of disciplinary interventions. Students appear to happily embrace a system that encourages collaboration and reflects their increasing engagement with an online social world.

3. Your students will be ready for the real world

There’s a lot to be said for good handwriting, but after graduating, the employees of tomorrow will work in a digital world. And the same skills that they develop using Google Apps – online data analysis, website creation and so on – will be a formidable asset. 

Google for Education offers anew way to bring cutting-edge technology into your classroom. Importantly, its approach to learning complements, rather than distracts from, the core values of education. From collaboration to deep engagement with challenging materials, Google for Education provide the tools help teachers create an engaging classroom experience.

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