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Power outages, computer viruses, pesky glitches – business data is vulnerable to various unpredictable factors, and it’s essential that you protect against them. Thankfully, back-up programs like ShadowProtect offer a convenient way to protect your data, enabling you to recover information easily in the event of unexpected data loss.

Back it up and lock it down

According to a study published last year, 45 percent of surveyed small business owners had lost valuable data at least once due to poor backup routines. Of course, if you aim to avoid such occurrences, it’s important that your efforts to achieve disaster recovery don’t compromise the security of your data. For this reason, we recommend choosing a program that creates secure backup snapshots of your hard drives, also known as ‘images’. ShadowProtect, for example, uses a combination of three algorithms to encrypt backup images and keep them safe from prying eyes. Other programs include password protection and two-factor authentication.

Keep it simple!

You’re unlikely to be at your most patient following a data loss event – and the last thing you want is to spend hours figuring out how to restore information using a complicated backup program. Fortunately, many backup programs, such as ShadowProtect, offer free trials, ensuring that the program you select is straightforward, speedy and easy to use.

Somebody to lean on

When using your backup software, it’s natural to ask a range of questions. Should I backup all my data or only the most sensitive files? How often should I backup? What device should I use? Should I backup to the same computer, a portable USB key or an external hard drive? Your answers will have a significant bearing on the effectiveness of your backup routine. As such, steady and knowledgeable support from your software provider can make all the difference. It also means that there’s somebody to call if things go pear-shaped and you need a helping hand.


With the right backup software, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your files are safe from unpredictable data loss events. That in itself is worth the price of reliable backup software.

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