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No doubt you've heard about the "Cloud". Put simply, pay monthly for a proven IT system and only pay for what your workers use. Hosted Desktop, previously called (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI) is a new model that many organisations have already embraced. Hosted Desktop is a cloud based desktop delivery solution designed to offer the responsive and customisable user experience of a local PC, with clear business advantages in through centralised management, flexible remote access, security and overall system performance. 

Traditionally server based computing models such as (Terminal services or RDP) have had varying performance and responsiveness depending on the number of users, physical distance, network connectivity and type of business applications. This is no longer the case as the ICT industry continues to develop new solutions for a distributed workforce.  

We’ve also noticed that as the telecommunications industry gears up for NBN, we can now access fantastic pricing on high bandwidth, private network links allowing us to deliver more centrally and removing the need for a local server all together.

As with terminal services, our Hosted Desktop performs all computation and data storage centrally in our Datacentre. End user desktop images are pushed over the private network to the end user device via Citrix.  This model delivers cost efficiency and greater value with access to enterprise grade servers, storage, backup and DR at a fraction of the cost to deploy and manage locally..

In short, Hosted Desktop delivers your entire desktop image from the cloud. It includes all email, data storage, backup, software and extremely fast, carrier grade access to the Internet.

You can connect your hosted desktop from anywhere, with no servers required in your office.  It makes management of your users, IT costs and infrastructure simple. Pay for what you use, when you need it and scale down if you don’t.

To demo our hosted desktop simply contact our cloud specialist, Soren Reichelt, 03 9496 1430 or

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