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Should you be doing it?

Thanks to new, innovative technology now businesses of all sizes can record phone calls without spending big dollars.

But why record your phone calls with prospects and customers? Here are the most popular reasons:

1. Reduce liability

If your business involves giving advice over the phone, taking orders, instructions or verbal quotations then call recording is a powerful way to resolve disputes and protect your business. Recorded evidence can provide an impartial record that might save your business thousands of dollars in dispute resolution and litigation.

2. Assist sales and marketing

Call recording gives your sales and marketing people valuable data to help them discover exactly what sales techniques and marketing campaigns work. The disclosure of call recording to inbound callers also conveys that you care about customer service and quality assurance.

3. Supervise and train

Training and performance reviews are easier when call recordings are available to trainers and managers. Calls that portray excellent customer service or salesmanship can be used for training and motivation.

4. Increase your security

People are more likely to behave themselves when they know that others might listen to what they say. The very presence of call recording on company lines often acts as a deterrent to all types of security breaches or inappropriate behaviour.

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Matt Balogh // 25/07/2013 10:30 AM

One reasons why you might not want to do this is that if you do not tell and get the approval of the other party - you are committing a criminal offence. :)

David Burger // 29/07/2013 10:57 AM

The ACMA has strict requirements around recording communications devices, Matt is correct, the other party must agree to being recorded, and there must be periodic 'pips' to indicate the call is being recorded, ie, the same as when calling a Stock Brokers phone.

Ken Harris // 29/07/2013 10:16 PM

In fact the various state legislation across Australia applying to this is currently somewhat confused and the precedent unclear. In some jurisdictions it is entirely lawful to record if it is in your direct interest and for your protection, in others that is open to challenge - usually a result of legislation from politicians that have been embrassed through being recorded saying something they wish they hadn't!

Nick // 30/07/2013 4:17 PM

Actually Matt and David are both wrong. Call recording IS NOT a criminal offense. If you are a party to the call you can record calls without consent (at least in some jurisdictions). There is no requirement under the legislation for any periodic sounds. If you don't know what you're talking about it's best not to mislead other people. Here's a link that explains some basics around this in QLD and refers to the underlying legislation.

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