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In 1968, the artist Andy Warhol predicted a future in which everybody would enjoy their own fifteen minutes of fame. Sure enough, in the online world of 2015, opportunities for self promotion are endless. Only one part of Warhol’s statement seems completely implausible – 15 minutes is far too generous. If you can’t capture your audience’s attention in 15 seconds, or even five, they’ll be switching channels (or tabs) before they even learn your name.

Businesses, in particular, must use their 15 seconds to excite potential customers by delivering a strong and memorable message. And when you consider the online dominance of YouTube, Vivo and social media websites, the solution is clear: your business should be using video to do it.

A (moving) picture says a million words

According to Salesforce’s ‘2015 State of Marketing’ report, 81 percent of marketers describe videos as 'very effective' when it comes to engaging customers. Research by Wistia confirms this view, demonstrating that videos are more easily recalled than other types of media, enjoying 80 percent retention when less than 30 seconds long. Finally, 92 percent of online viewers regularly share videos – which means a video that connects successfully with one potential customer might be seen by millions more within hours.

Overcoming the technological hurdle

For smaller businesses, the idea of creating and distributing a video can seem quite intimidating. Fortunately, while a professional cinematographer always helps, the chances are that you can create an effective video using the camera on your phone and the assistance of a few colleagues or friends. The Internet abounds in guides to editing videos using affordable (or free) programs such as iMovie, Adobe Premier Pro and VideoLAN Movie Creator. Once your video is complete, it’s easy to upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Vine or another social media site.

Lights, Camera, Action

Cisco reports that videos will account for 75 percent of all mobile data traffic by 2019, thanks largely to the spread of faster transmission technologies like 4G. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the written word is on its last legs. However, it should send a strong message to marketers everywhere – the global audience is hungry for videos, so if your business hasn’t yet produced one, now’s the time to issue a casting call.


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