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We’ve scoured the internet, read through the blogs and walked the retail isles, and here are the coolest tech gifts for this Christmas:

  • Tetris Light for the kids: Not just a regular desk lamp, this mood light can be stacked in endless combinations to allow you to design your own 3D Tetris light! The Tetris light is made up of seven brightly coloured shapes (like the ones you find in the popular Tetris game), which illuminate once they come into contact with each other. The possibilities are endless for what you could create with these iconic designs.
    Amazon Website 
  • Magic Wand Programmable Remote Control for the tweens:  If you know someone who is a Harry Potter fan, or just loves geeky gifts, this unique remote control will be a big hit. This wand can “learn” up to 13 infrared codes from your existing remotes and be directly calibrated to one of 13 hand gestures. You can twist the wand to change volume, and flick it to change the channel! It will no longer matter if there isn’t something worthwhile on TV, this magic wand will offer entertainment on its own.
    The Wand Company Website
  • TEAC LPU190 Turntable Recorder for the grandparents:  How about a gadget that transfers all of those old vinyls into digital files?  This Vinyl ripper not only transfers the songs into digital format - it can also play them. In addition, there is also an AM/FM radio and a built in amplifier. What’s not to love?
    TEAC Website

  • D-Link Securicam Camera for the small business owners: This is a great little wireless security camera that can be set up anywhere! The mydlink-enabled Wireless Network Camera can easily be added to the home or small office network. The user can view what is happening at their house or office by just logging on to the “mydlink” website using their phone. A very reasonably priced gift (prices start at $89) and a great way to help your office or home remain safe.
    D-Link Website

  • iPad mini or Nexus 7 for the BIG gift:  This new generation of 7” tablets are here –but which one do we choose?

    What we all want in a media tablet is access to quality entertainment –music, games, social networking, web browsing and messaging. It also needs to be lightweight. The fact is, both these small tablets meet these requirements.  If you regularly use a Mac or an iPhone, the iPad mini will be more familiar to you. On the other hand, if you are not a regular use of Apple products, then consider the Nexus 7.

    The Nexus 7 offers more memory, a higher resolution, GPS and a cheaper price than the iPad mini ($299 for the Nexus vs  $559 for the iPad mini). However, the iPad mini has a larger screen (7.9 vs. 7.0 inches) and is a little thinner than the Nexus 7.  Although, some people prefer the movie –friendly rectangular format on the Nexus 7 rather the iPad’s square-ish shape.

Check out our list of products that you should definitely NOT buy for your loved ones.

Don’t waste your time on: Whilst the above items will be stocking winners, stay clear of these ones:

  • WiFi Bathroom Scale:  It is common for most people to own scales. However, giving them as a gift may be seen as a little offensive. In particular, these Wi-Fi bathroom scales may cause you to wind up uninvited to the following year’s Christmas party.

    How come you ask? Well, this device automatically sends your weight, fat mass and body mass index to your PC or iPhone each time you use it. Worst of all, it can share these personal details on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sounds like a nightmare? It is.
  • 18-buttonWarMouse: It’s one thing to save time; however, no one has 18 fingers nor could remember the buttons needed for this device’s 52 programmable settings. (The gamers might disagree with me here).
  • Flying Alarm clock: Unless you know someone that enjoys springing out of bed in the early hours of the morning, this gift may be quickly thrown in the bin after it’s unwrapped. Reaching over to turn this alarm clock off is not enough – this incredibly annoying little device actually takes off and makes you chase it around the bedroom before quietening down!

Have you got ideas that you would like to share, please let us know.

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