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With the launch of Windows 8 upon us a new range of ‘hybrids’ are hitting the market. Part laptop and part tablet these hybrids try to incorporate the best of both worlds. If you’re thinking about buying a new laptop or replacing your desktop PC then you should consider a hybrid.

Every major brand now has a hybrid model except Apple. HP, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, Sony and more all have models to choose from.

Firstly, exactly what is a hybrid?

A hybrid is part laptop and part tablet. A touch interface with a keyboard that tries to have the best aspects of a tablet by being highly mobile but with the performance of a laptop. 

Why buy a hybrid?

The major benefit of owning a hybrid is that you can switch from a tablet to laptop when you feel the need. Switch to a slim tablet to check your emails or surf the internet whilst you’re travelling, without the weight and awkwardness of a laptop. Then, once you arrive at the office or home all you have to do is snap the tablet it into its keyboard and you’ve got yourself a highly productive laptop. You’ll no longer need to rely on your smartphone’s small screen to get your work done while on the go. Hybrids are a smart buy as you’re getting both a laptop and tablet in one neat package. And unlike tablets the good news is that the processing power in hybrids is sufficient for daily work use.

The cost of a hybrid can range between  $300 - $1000 depending on how powerful it is.

Why wouldn’t you buy a hybrid?

Like tablets and Ultrabooks, hybrids generally have a lack of ports. There are only a limited number of USB ports, with Ethernet ports, SD card slots, video outs and other type of ports usually absent. Most have a mini HDMI to connect to another screen. If you use graphic intensive programs or other demanding applications then the processing power of a hybrid is probably not for you. Because they are new, hybrids will likely be more expensive than buying a laptop (but cheaper than buying both a laptop and tablet separately).

In summary

The hybrid concept is innovative and ideal if you’re always on the move, but like the first evolution of any new product you can expect the first versions will be lacking in features and the second generation will be more useful and make you more productive.


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