What customers are saying....

Jimmy - July 2017

"Thankyou very much for making my cashback application such an easier process. It was a very pleasant experience throughout the whole process. Thankyou again for your wonderful service."

Shubham Garg - February 2015

"The PowerBuy scheme is an easy to use and excellent service. The staff are all helpful and using this makes it even more lucrative to buy the brands we all prefer."

Julie - July 2014

"Great service and great value."

Adam - March 2014

"Fantastic! It's a wonderful service that you offer"


Julian - March 2014

"In this age of shonky deals and service, it is a pleasure to recommend a true to word and genuinely helpful organization. What an excellent service you provide and it's been a pleasure dealing with you."


Les - March 2014

"very rewarding"

Tony - March 2014

"It was all very simple and straightforward. I just had to add the coupon details into the appropriate location on the Dell website and the discount appeared on the page prior to proceeding with the sale."

Clinton - March 2014

"I needed some help with the redemption process and Tonia Soden responded to me within a couple of hours. This is the kind of customer service that other companies should aspire to. I couldn't be more pleased."

Faisal - March 2014

"What makes Powerbuy a great service is the excellent communication, ease of use and quick cash-back. I will definitely recommend it and will be using the service again in future."

Brad - March 2014

"Tonia provided excellent service during our recent cash back with ASUS. It's always nice when customer service makes it easy vs the more common experience = "Difficult""

Michael - February 2014


Glenn - February 2014

"Thanks so much, I couldn't have achieved this discount otherwise. Lenovo was great on the phone offering 40% off accessories as well. Yet to receive the product but I'm sure it will be great."

Charles - February 2014

"Fast and Easy Excellent"

Millar - December 2013

"Straight-forward and smooth"

Gavin - December 2013

"Seemlessly easy"

Pouya - June 2013

"I can't thank you enough for your great service. Even though I had all those issues with the receipt everything went smoothly on your end, I will be recommending PowerBuy to other people!!!"

Karen Barnes - February 2013

"It was very quick and easy to make a claim. Thank you!"

Shivahari Kunwar - January 2013

"It was excellent! I even had to ask a question about the purchasing process and Powerbuy got back to me ASAP."

Felix Fong - January 2013

"Can't believe such a great deal was so easy to claim. 10x times faster than normal manufacturers cash back claim. Awesome experience. Really looking forward next great deal from PowerBuy."

Jacqui Wong - November 2012

"Kate Kralj was very helpful and provided excellent prompt service. She was a pleasure to deal with and I am very impressed with the speed and easiness of my cashback paidinto my account. Thank you very much."

Brian Pagett - October 2012

"Excellent, prompt responses to my submissions and the rebate arrived ahead of promised date. Very happy with the overall experience and will happily refer others to you."

 Tariq Syed - September 2012

"Great Service, I had a question on my claim called 1300 numbers and I was told I will get the call back and I did within two hours. I spoke to a lady and she was very helpful. The cash rebate was in my bank account in one day after I uploaded my receipt. Again great service."

Stanley Grayson - September 2012

"Quite fantastic and very easy. I was a bit skeptical or concerned it would take 6 months for the cash back, but within a few days of submitting my receipt the cash-back, which was quite considerable, was back. Look at me I sound like one of those webpage comments! But it was very very excellent and easy service."

Nahim Salem - September 2012

"Very easy to use and understand website. Smooth process. Thank you."

Mohammad Gurtala - August 2012

"Very good experience, fast cash back. Totally recommended."

Maneesh Prasad - August 2012

"My experience was really good. The service was great and the consultant was extremely helpful. Very much appreciated."

Ilus Osborne - August 2012

"Surprising and pleasing - thank you."

Rahul Wadhawan - August 2012

"The experience was excellent. Was very quick to use. Received the confirmation straight away and your always notified of whats going on. Overall very happy with the time frame."

Ranjitsinh Parmar - August 2012

"Really liked it and will definitely look forward again whenever I need to buy any electronics item."

David Newlands - August 2012

"Well done Powerbuy on processing my claim so quickly. Bigger companies that offer rebates could look to Powerbuy as an example of how to operate."

Sameer Khan - August 2012

"Excellent service, cannot believe how easy it was to claim the cash back and money was in the account within 5 days of claiming.good work Powerbuy IT. Thanks"

Brian Panks - August 2012

"Excellent service all round. Highly recommended."

David Martin - August 2012

"Very good. A great bonus made the purchase decision easy."

Muhammad Kayani - August 2012

"Excellent! Super easy process and super fast cashback."

Paul Metcalf - August 2012

"It was a great experience! People will often be quick these days to comment and say something is a scam, or "if its too good to be true, it probably is" But this is one of those rare cases that isn't too good to be true! I got $70 ($50+$20 bonus) cashback from Powerbuy within 7 days of signing up with them! Not to mention I already scored a great deal on a tablet anyway, the $70 made it even better. Thanks very much for your amazing offer (Not sure how it works) and I would recommend to all."

Bill Quach - July 2012

"Excellent - dealt with Kate Karlj, who seemed very pleasant. Represents the company brilliantly. Almost wished I had more issues so I could deal with her great attitude more. Excellent work."

Bhanu Lokubalasuriya - June 2012

"Excellent, very professional, went out of their way to assist."

Malcolm Carr  - June 2012

"I have been really happy with your service. The Lenovo is now integrated in my new system and all appears to be working well."

Verka Sekulovska - June 2012

"PowerBuy enabled us to receive a decent cash-back on the recent purchase of a server for our new legal practice. The service was exemplary and highly efficient, with the cash-back processed and completed within only a couple of days of purchase. We will definitely be using PowerBuy again and strongly recommend this fantastic "easy to use" service."

Ray Kim - May 2012

"Great experience. I would definitely come back again to see offers if I need to buy any IT products in the future."

Mark Leveson - May 2012

"Powerbuy first came to my full attention at the IPA State Congress in November, 2011. Looking to change over to a Mac from a PC I thought I would give them a try. Knowing how small the margin on Apple products is, I wasn't really expecting a lot of help. I was quite surprised at how much they were able to save me, well over 10% from Apple's price on a MacBook and external Thunderbolt display. After this pleasant surprise I will now always consult them in the first instance on all of our company's future technology purchases."

Jaswinder Bansal - April 2012

"Great, what can I say!"

Jill Moffitt - April 2012

"I thought this was too good to be true but it wasn't..Fantastic opportunity! Great experience and apart from late request for original order to be supplied it was hassle free and very professionally handled. Companies should do more of this as word of mouth is far quicker these days than boring ads and huge advertising budgets. We as consumers love it and we TELL everyone about the 'positive' experience and we love our products. Go Powerbuy!"

Jess Phengrasmy - March 2012

"Quick and smooth. Questions were answered promptly and succinctly. Kate Kralj was super!"

Muhammad Arshad - March 2012

"A very good offer. I think to be best, it would be good if the value matches or is more close to the cash back offer. Very good experience with their customer services people"

Tom Brady - March 2012

"Thank you Powerbuy, It is refreshing to see an offer work so well and without difficulty."

Sue Pedler - March 2012

"How fantastic to receive a cash back ... printer becomes a bargain. Great communication from Powerbuy through the whole process. Have given your information to friends in business. Thanks."

Yuanfan Zhou - February 2012

"very impressive. just bought a notebook a couple of days ago and claimed this cashback. I had already got the cashback before receiving the lenovo product. impressive, efficient, friendly. highly recommended. best experience ever."

Zac - February 2012

"Absolutely amazing. I can't thank you enough. Made my good value laptop even better value. Thankyou thankyou thankyou thank you"

Peter Reid - January 2011

"I had no idea that this sort of service existed. For my future I.T. needs this is one of the first sites I will visit to influence my decision on the brand and model."

Quentin Kilian - July 2010

Quentin Kilian, CEO of the Real Estate Institute of the Northern Territory, was recently looking for 6 notebooks for his training and examination rooms. He wanted a reputable brand at a great price without sacrificing screen size or system performance. Quentin purchased 6 x HP ProBook 6540b notebooks for a great price from Harris Technology and saved an extra $300 by claiming a PowerBuy cash-back rebate. "I was so pleased with the speed and ease of purchasing these computers for our training room. The advice I received was invaluable and the savings I made buy using PowerBuy were the icing on the cake."

Neil Martin - March 2010

Neil Martin says: "Whilst searching for a replacement Dell PC at home recently I came across PowerBuy through my membership. Powerbuy made it so easy to choose the right PC for home. The coupon provided by Powerbuy saved me 8% over and above any other offer I could locate."

INPRO - December 2009

INPRO Australia is a professional financial advisory company that delivers tailored financial advice, education and unparalleled client service. INPRO Australia empowers individuals and businesses alike to take control of their financial position.

Alex Kean, Managing Principal of INPRO, says: "PowerBuy reduces our I.T. costs without having to change the way we buy. I like the simplicity of the online claim form and unlike other cash-back programs, they pay fast! I will be recommending this service to all of my business clients."

Visit INPRO's website >

ATP Accounting - November 2009

Based in Liverpool & Mortdale, Sydney, ATP Accounting provides outstanding accounting, taxation and business advisory services, helping their clients to grow their business & achieve greater profits while improving cash flow & protecting their hard-earned assets.

Farid Zaki, Director, was recently looking to buy a business-grade desktop PC and he asked PowerBuy to beat his Dell quote. "I negotiated a special price directly with Dell and I didn't think it was possible to do any better. I was very surprised when PowerBuy helped me save an extra $200 on top of Dell's quote. I would highly recommend PowerBuy to any business looking to save money on their I.T. and be provided with an excellent service as well"

Visit ATP Accounting's website >

Straight Ahead Sales - November 2009

With more than 20 years of sales and sales management experience Straight Ahead Sales knows what it takes to make a great sales person, account manager or business developer. They will help you to select, train and coach your people as well as ensure that you have the most effective strategy and process in place so you sell more.

Simon Harrop, founder, says "I.T. has to be one of the biggest headaches when I started up my business.  Powerbuy provides such great value to business by giving you the buying strength and negotiating power of a major corporate.  What a great idea."

Visit Straight Ahead Sales website >

Personal Development Magic - October 2009

Personal Development Magic specialises in life coaching and business coaching with particular focus on efficiency and delivering a good Return on Investment (RoI).

Alex Webley, owner, says "Having spent some time choosing the right laser printer, and finding a good price, the 'icing on the cake' was receiving a $150 PowerBuy cash-back. PowerBuy were a pleasure to deal with too; easy, efficient and reliable. From now on, when I want to buy computer hardware for my business, PowerBuy will be an essential part of my purchase process."

For more information on Personal Development Magic, please contact Alex on 0421 27 28 29 or click here to visit their website.

Client-Focussed Accountancy Services - August 2009

Client-Focussed Accountancy Services (CFAS), a member of the NIA, offers practical accounting services and easy-to-understand advice based out of Sydney. Practise owner, Lydia, was recently looking for a new laptop for her business but was not sure what product would best suit her needs.

"PowerBuy understood my business needs and gave me great advice regarding where to buy and what specifications to ask for. I made my purchase from Harris Technology who provided me with the best advice and gave me a fantastic price."

For more information on CFAS, please contact Lydia on (02) 9716-5960

Polymorphic Solutions - July 2009 

Polymorphic Solutions is a Software Development Company based in Brisbane that offers its own CRM Software as a Service via a secure data centre facility. Their customer base has increased dramatically in the last 6 months and they needed to increase their server capcity.

Rod Sprenger, Director, says "Powerbuy gave us the chance to reduce the cost of a Dell Poweredge server by a whopping 20%, so now we can purchase more memory & software and still come well within budget."

Visit Polymorphic's website >

Integrated VoIP - June 2009

"We have been using server hardware for many years to provide telecommunications solutions such as PABX telephone systems, call recording gateways and call conferencing bridges."

"We were recently introduced to PowerBuy and to our surprise have already saved thousands on Dell hardware. This is helping to make our quotes much more competitive."

Luke Turner - Integrated VoIP Solutions (IVS).

Visit the Integrated VoIP website >

LEAP Australia - May 2009

Jed Hughes, System Administrator at LEAP, says "We were looking for technology to cater for our growing storage needs. PowerBuy helped us save over $300 on the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Pro, on top of the best price we could get." LEAP Australia provides best-in-class engineering software and services to Australian businesses.

With nation-wide presence, LEAP's area of expertise is the application of technology to enable efficient product development, manufacturing, and management of the whole process throughout the entire lifecycle.

Godfrey Pembroke Financial Consultants - April 2009

Paul Trosti is the Principal of Godfrey Pembroke Financial Consultants in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Paul's practice offers clients transparent, easy to understand financial advice that puts them in control of their financial future. To support his growing team Paul recently purchased a new Dell laptop and he used a PowerBuy coupon online at www.dell.com.au to significantly reduce his buy price.

"Claiming a coupon through PowerBuy was fast and easy and it saved me $200 on a recent order with Dell. This is just the type of support we small businesses need!"

Visit Godfrey Pembroke website >

Red5 Media Pty Ltd - February 2009

Jon Viner, owner of Sydney-based Red5 Media, a leader in the field of web development and graphic design, found the need to update his IT after hiring two new staff members.

"We knew that we needed to upgrade months ago, but with the economy the way it is we held off for as long as we could. By using PowerBuy coupons and cash-backs we have already saved more than $500 on top of already discounted prices and we stand to save hundreds more over the coming year. These are real savings that go straight to our bottom line."

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